Sun Open Source White Paper

A couple hours ago I received an email from Sun Microsystems (the company behind some of the most successful open-source apps out in the market such as OpenOffice, Java, opensolaris, Virtualbox and so on) announcing the release of a white paper in which they explained the advantages of open-source systems in the context of business world.


Well, if you take a look at such document you will find little (useful) info about open-sourcing IT solutions and why it is good for a company. Instead you will find some kind of implicit publicity which seems more like propaganda than any other thing. Not to mention extended maturities at a “Maturity table” listing famous open-source projects (including of course Sun’s top open source projects). In Sun’s view, has been in the market for the last 20 years. There is a difference between buying the company whose product became the very bottom of current Ooo and having that product released for the last 20 years. Sun bought Stardivision 20 years ago in order to get rid from Microsoft’s expensive office apps licenses and face Microsoft. That alternative office program was StarWriter later on named as StarOffice. Ooo did not even exist at that time.

As well they got confused with Mozilla and their web browser Firefox. Firefox has not been active for the last 15 years. Actually it’s been alive barely 5 years. Netscape has 14 years (or used to have because support was ceased last year) and was used as the base for Firefox and Chrome. In the end they got pretty simple things messed up.

If I were Sun I would stop distributing very poor material. Especially when it is aimed at people with a great knowledge in the field. It might catch not-very-well-informed CEOs’ attention for its poorly developed promises of cost savings but it surely is of no use at an IT department.

The document is available at Sun’s web page (previous registration) or clicking this link.

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